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Course Rhythm PStO 2015
Insurance Management Winter F&I/WPK
(6 ECTS)
Investition und
Winter1 GOP
(6 ECTS)
Risiko und Versicherung Summer & Winter F&I/WPK
(6 ECTS)
Risk Management Winter1 ABWL
(3 ECTS)
Praxis der PR:
Communicative Leadership
Summer F&I/WPK
(6 ECTS)
Versicherungsbilanzen Summer WPK
(6 ECTS)
Proseminar: "Case Studies
in Risk Management"
Summer WPK
(3 ECTS)
Seminar: "Catastrophe
Risk Management"
Winter WPK
(6 ECTS)
Hauptseminar Summer & Winter Hauptseminar
(6 ECTS)

1 Starting in Winter 2018/19, the class is held alternately with Prof. Glaser and Prof. Elsas.