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Bachelor Theses

Selection of Topics

The topic of each bachelor thesis is provided by the institute and published in due time. After the publication, students can indicate five preferences. There is no claim to a specific topic, but we will try to accommodate your preferences as best as we can.

Previous topics

An overview of previous topics can be found in our archives.


To qualify for writing your bachelor thesis with the institute, the following condition must be met:

  • Successful participation in the qualifying seminar (6 ECTS) within the area of Finance (institutes Elsas / Glaser / Jaspersen / Richter)


Students should apply to the institute before topics are published. To do so, a registration form will be accessible for the duration of the application period. The bachelor theses are organised in cooperation with the Institute for Behavioral Risk Management and Insurance (Prof. Jaspersen).

Throughout the year, four time frames are available to write your Bachelor thesis, with the following starting dates:

  • Beginning of winter term: submission before Christmas
  • End of winter term, after the exam period: submission in the following summer term
  • Beginning of summer term: submission mid/end June
  • End of summer term, after the exam period: submission in the following winter term

Please note that an oral colloquium will take place two weeks after submission of the paper.

Application deadlines for a bachelor thesis starting at the beginning of winter term 2022/23:

1. Obligatory registration with the institute by 05.09.2022 at 12 PM via the registration form.

2. Publication of topics on 28.09.2022 (via E-Mail)

3. Indication of topic preferences by 05.10.2022 (via E-Mail)

4. Distribution of topics (via E-Mail) and beginning of the writing period on 12.10.2022.

5. Submission of bachelor thesis on 07.12.2022 (at ISC)


Please contact Elisabeth Stöckl for any questions you may have.

Questions regarding the content of each bachelor thesis will be answered by your individual supervisor within the writing period.